Kimberly Bizon is a proven community leader in Lexington, MI and an International Climate Reality Leader. She has the energy and drive for change.

Kimberly is running a second time in the very red 10th Congressional District. She is the right person for the job, because she focuses on “people and communities.” District 10 covers most of the “Thumb” of Michigan. The district is diverse with many different types of people, industries and challenges.

Climate Change has shown itself in Michigan with rising levels in our Great

Lakes. Kimberly has been working with the residents, townships, county, EGLE and Shoreline Engineers to address shoreline erosion; the group is working on solutions to save homes, protect tourism and protect and repair shorelines. She will lead with climate change solutions. She is committed to renewable energy and to substantial federal investments that will fund repairs and improvements to our crumbling infrastructure and will pave the way to high-paying jobs across the Thumb.

On the campaign trail, Kimberly has heard over and over again about our failing health care system.She has vowed to expand the Affordable Care Act and protect citizens by making sure they have health care regardless of pre-existing conditions, including COVID 19, and any conditions or illnesses resulting from the initial infection. Kimberly supports public education. Kimberly is the Preferred Candidate from the Michigan Education Association and the National Education Association. Kimberly supports higher pay and more resources for our Public Schools. She does not believe that our taxes should be diverted from Public Schools to non-public schools that are not accountable to the taxpayers. Kimberly will fight any attempts in Congress or the executive branch that undermine public education. Kimberly will be the voice of public school teachers and students at every opportunity. Kimberly is committed to revitalize and reinvent our community colleges to train a new generation of students for high-tech manufacturing jobs and will work to keep the talent in the local community. She understands the importance of rural broad band and is the leader that will best address the challenges of improving education going forward, especially now, with the added responsibilities and risks of COVID 19.

Raised on a farm, Kimberly knows the importance of fair farm policies and common-sense subsidies that put family farms ahead of corporate agribusiness. She supports soil conservation, organic farming, organic farm-to-table initiatives, and fair-trade policies. Kimberly is a big advocate of Hemp farming and other new manufacturing opportunities for our existing farmers, and programs to attract young, future farmers.

Kimberly advocates for Unions. She has been endorsed by the UAW, Michigan Millwright and Carpenters, OPEIU Local 40, AFL-CIO and many others. She works with the nurses’ unions and has been on the picket lines with them fighting for fair contracts. She will always support safety, good pay and benefits for workers. Kimberly supports a living wage of at least $15 per hour.


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